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Are you looking for professional landscapers in Dubai? Sunscape Landscape & Gardening LLC offers top-quality landscaping services to transform your outdoor space with one of the best landscape companies in Dubai.


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Best Landscape Company Dubai is an esteemed landscaping company in Dubai, providing the highest-quality landscapers in UAE and the surrounding region. Our services include landscaping and swimming pools for transforming your space into something even more incredible than before.

At, our Dubai-based landscaping business puts customer needs first regarding villa and garden designs. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction, distinguishing us from other landscaping companies in Dubai Emirate.

What do landscaping companies in Dubai do?

Many landscapers in Dubai are doing an excellent job in the urban area. Dubai has traversed a long way from a desert to becoming a nation full of vegetation and attractive terrain that have drawn numerous outsiders. All salute these landscapers in Dubai. Not just in prominent spots like malls & tourist destinations, but even private properties are nowadays very keen on introducing portions of foliage to their back gardens. The world now views Dubai in a different light due to this shift.

Sunscape has been recognized as a leading landscaping company in Dubai and the surrounding area. Landscapers have been instrumental in making Dubai more beautiful with their experienced team specializing in design, implementation and gardening. Therefore, landscapers and landscaping companies in Dubai offer superior services.

Importance of Landscapers in Dubai

The nation’s development was heavily reliant on landscaping.

The landscapers in Dubai are highly knowledgeable and professional and do excellent work. Without the gardening firms in Dubai, your backyard would appear dull. Existence always necessitates a trace of vegetation, and so does your residence. We provide our landscape design services across Dubai communities Arabian Ranches 3, Al fursan, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah golf estate, Nad Al Sheeba villas, District one, Khawneej, Palm Jumeirah, Al Bararai, Dubai Hills, MBR city.


Professional landscaping company Dubai Services

Our landscaping company in Dubai provides a wide range of landscaping design services for commercial and residential properties. Some of the services offered by our Landscape Company in Dubai

  1. Landscaping Design: professional landscape design services, considering the client’s preferences, budget, and the property’s surroundings.
  2. Hardscape Design: Modern villa hardscaping services, such as installing walkways, patios, and retaining walls.
  3. Softscaping: Softscaping services include planting and maintaining a wide range of trees, shrubs, flowers, and grass.
  4. Irrigation Systems: Landscape installation, maintenance, and repair services for automatic irrigation systems to ensure efficient water usage and the health of plants.
  5. Lighting Systems: Modern landscape design lighting solutions that enhance outdoor spaces’ aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  6. Garden Maintenance: we provide ongoing garden maintenance services such as pruning, fertilization, and weed control.
  7. Swimming Pool: We construct new swimming pools or renovate existing ones—services from initial design and planning to excavation, installation, and finishing.
  8. Pergola Construction: custom pergolas and gazebos to create a comfortable outdoor living space for you and your family
  9. Gazebo Construction: Gazebo structures can be built using different materials such as wood, metal, and composite materials.

Top Rated Residential Landscapers Dubai

Residential landscaping is an art form that enhances the beauty of a property by adding lawns, gardens, and other customized elements. It involves creating and refining outdoor spaces to add significant value to your home. Sunscape landscapers are Dubai’s foremost residential landscaping company, excelling in this field.

The landscape surrounding your home significantly impacts its appearance and aesthetic appeal. It reflects the taste and personality of the property owners and serves as the first point of attraction for guests. At Landscaping, we understand the importance of blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, and we provide the best residential landscaping services for villas in Dubai and the UAE.

Not only do beautifully landscaped properties bring pleasure and joy to their owners, but they also increase the property’s value. Trust us to create stunning outdoor spaces that enhance your lifestyle and add value to your investment.



Through our unwavering commitment and exceptional customer service, we have emerged as the premier landscaping company in Dubai. Our services encompass landscape design and construction, adhering to the highest quality standards. We have earned the trust of both customers and villa owners as a reliable and reputable landscape company in Dubai, delivering services of the utmost excellence.

Our works will always stand unique. We will supply you with a fully landscaped villa in Dubai, including special features. We complete all projects regardless of size and give each one the same attention. Dubai has highly skilled architects, landscape designers and masons who finish their work to a high standard. We offer services in and around Dubai.

If you seek an expert in landscape design, Sunscape landscaping is one of the most reputable companies in the UAE. Our services include landscape design and construction of swimming pools. With 10+ years of experience, Sunscape is a highly-ranked landscaping company in Dubai and the surrounding areas. Contact us today and receive a free consultation regarding landscape design for your villa or commercial building.


FAQs about Landscape Company Dubai

What types of landscaping services are available?

We provide comprehensive landscaping services in Dubai, including design, installation, maintenance, automated irrigation system, swimming pool design, landscape lighting and hardscaping. Our team works in partnership with each client to develop a tailored solution that meets their preferences and budget.

What is the cost of landscape design services in Dubai?

Landscape design in Dubai is priced based on factors such as project size, services needed, materials quality, and design complexity.

What is the estimated duration of a landscaping project in Dubai?

The amount of time required to complete a landscaping project in Dubai is dependent upon the complexity of the design, as well as the accessibility of materials and local weather conditions.



Do you offer post-project maintenance services?

Our maintenance services help you maintain a healthy, attractive landscape. We provide pruning, trimming, fertilization, pest control and irrigation management services.

What plants and trees are most suitable for the climate in Dubai?

Due to its hot and dry climate, Dubai has specific requirements for plants and trees. Popular choices include palm trees, cacti, succulents, and desert shrubs. Our experts can help you determine the most suitable plants and trees for your location and preferences.

Can you provide a landscaping design which meets my specific requirements?

We offer customized landscaping plans that fit your needs, budget, and environment. Our team will collaborate with you to execute a strategy that speaks to your vision.

Is there a guarantee offered for your landscaping work?

We guarantee our landscaping and harvesting work for customer satisfaction. We provide high-quality services to meet our client’s needs and goals.



What is the recommended frequency of watering plants in Dubai?

Plants and trees in Dubai require different amounts of water depending on the type, season and soil conditions. It is suggested to water them once or twice a week during winter and two to three times weekly during summer. The moisture levels in the soil should be monitored regularly to set an accurate frequency for watering.



What are the most common landscaping mistakes to avoid in Dubai?

It is essential to be mindful of common landscaping mistakes when gardening in Dubai.

To ensure the success of your landscape, it is crucial to work with a professional landscaping company with experience in designing and maintaining landscapes in Dubai.

Do I need a permit to install a landscape project in Dubai?

A permit may be required for a Dubai landscape project based on location, size, and scope. Our team can assist in the permit application process and ensure all necessary regulations and requirements are met.


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